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What is the North Wales Clinical School?

The North Wales Clinical School (NWCS) is a partnership initially formed between the three NHS trusts in North Wales (now a single unified health board, the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board) and the higher education institutions operating in North Wales, operating across the region:

The NWCS is a great example of Welsh health education working well to provide real patient benefits at all stages.  It consists of two main parts, which work integrally together:  the facilities and infrastructure for teaching medical students and a background of vibrant research to create a coherent academic backdrop for students.

What are the main achievements of the NWCS to date?

  • The NWCS has provided more opportunities for health professionals to study and live in North Wales, largely in a bilingual setting, thereby promoting the retention of skills and the economic prosperity of the region.
  • The NWCS provides a ground-breaking, collaborative approach to medical education, bringing together the whole range of partners from the health and education sectors from across the North Wales region.
  • It has enabled the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to virtually treble the number of students undertaking years four and five placements in North Wales, as compared to 2002/3.
  • Since significant numbers of medical students began to train in North Wales, 90% of junior doctor posts are now filled by graduates who undertook placements in the region (compared to 1999 when the number of placements was very small and all three former Trusts had great difficulty in filling these posts).   There has also been a large increase in the number of applications for consultant posts in North Wales hospitals from senior medical staff, who are attracted to the area by the opportunities for teaching and research provided by the Clinical School.

“Creating tomorrow’s doctors for Wales”